Safari Companies in Uganda, Tour Operators

You can visit Murchison Falls National Park with one of the following safari companies. These tour operators can also take you for other safari holidays around Uganda.
Gorilla Tracking Africa
Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation
Engabi Tours and Travel
Uganda Gorillas Safari
Sasa Holidays Ltd
Lets Go Tours Rwanda
Alpha Wild Safaris
Kagera Safaris
Intare Safaris
Kori Safaris
Wild Whispers Africa Safaris
Primates Safaris Rwanda
Gecko Safaris
Africa Big Six
Maranatha Tours & Travel
Gorilla Bookings Ltd
Achieve Global Safaris
Twist Africa
Gorillaland Adventures
Gorilla Holidays Uganda
African Gorilla Tours
Uganda Safaris Tours
Adventure in The Wild Safaris
Jungle Memories
Safaris Rwanda
Gorilla Safari Consultants
Encounter Africa Safaris Ltd
Terrain Safaris
Adventures To Gorilla Africa
Ancient Africa Safaris
Wild Rwanda Safaris
Rwanda Safari Africa
Wild Discoveries Safaris
Twende Expeditions
Tales Of Africa Safaris
True Vine Safaris
Simba Africa Expeditions
Wild African Safaris
Oree Safaris
Africa Nature Trekkers
Africa Tours Adventure
Insight Safari Holidays
Gorilla Tours Uganda
Adyeri Creations
MuAfriKa Adventures
Focus East Africa Tours
Uzuri Uganda Safaris
Kisoro Tours Uganda
Mission Africa Safaris

Why you must use a Local Tour Operator Company For Your Safaris in Uganda?

Registered safari companies mentioned about do provide experienced drivers and guide for your safaris. Some tourists just hire any driver or guide to take them to various destinations. Please note the following before you do so.


Are you looking for a safari tour guide or Driver?

A Driver will drive you and get you to the destination however, this might bring about a glum safari adventure. The guide will give you the best of Rwanda and Uganda.

It’s easy to get a driver to take you all around Uganda and at a low cost however, the safari might turn out to be hell. More so, having a driver guide will help you explore Uganda and enjoy an adventurous safari.

You can also make some research via internet and you find some safari bad dream like:

You can have 8 day safari with a mere driver who even doesn’t speak as well as answering the questions with a word may be.

  • The driver uses sign language and doesn’t speak English
  • The driver always comes late
  • The driver often makes stops to meet with friends and leaves you in the vehicle
  • The driver taking you to meet with his or her parents without your permission
  • The driver driving off road and approaching the animals
  • The driver littering rubbish as he drives during the game drives
  • The driver asking money from clients for safari items being paid for

Here are the a few things that are part of a safari discomfort and all these are a result of having a plain driver and not a safari guide who is experienced, and his goal being to offer you the best safari adventure. Most of the drivers don’t look at giving you the best tour ever but take you to be an ATM machine for meeting his needs. These drivers are also just looking for your comfort but the guide will tell you about the whole Uganda, various cultures and the way of life. He will know the national parks and will present the pearl of Africa at its best.

This might cost you highly though you get what you pay for at the end of it all. In case you are looking for cheap transport, you will end up negotiating your tour in Uganda, you might save some money but you might miss out on some adventure. You can ask yourself why you are coming to Uganda for the cheap ride as well as the cheap transport and the tour adventure without cooperation.

You have to make sure that the safari guides are exclusive by the safari company, knowledgeable safari guides with over 6 years of experience, and has a good and safe record of driving, a friendly personality, well informed as regards to Uganda, wildlife, birds, a guide whose knows many places, who is more informed about the guide books and whose love for Africa and Uganda is apparent. The single person who drives you on the safari is the real key to your safari, these either make it that one generation African safari or these can make the safari a nightmare.


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