Cost of a Uganda Safari in Murchison Falls National Park

When we talk about the costs of a safari in Murchison Falls National park there are a number of factors we should look that will greatly determine how much you will part with in order to enjoy a thrilling adventure in this park. being the largest savannah national park in Uganda, the Murchison Falls offers a great diversity of activities not to forget the rich diversity of wildlife found here which  attract thousands of tourists annually on Uganda Safari to visit the park.

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Top 5 Factors that affect the cost of a Safari in Murchison Falls

  1. Safari Activities, things to do

Although there are various tourists activities you can engage in this National Park, you will get to realize that each of these activities costs different. Therefore, the more activities you engage in, the higher your safari will cost and the reverse is true.

Below is a table showing the cost of activities offered in Murchison Falls National park as the UWA tariffs

Activities Foreign Non-Residents (USD) Foreign Residents (USD) East African Community (UGX)
Launch  Cruise $30 $30 30,000
Top of the Falls Walk $15 $ 15 10,000
Hot Air Balloon Ride $380 $380
Guided Nature Walks $15 $15 10,000
Private guided game drives $20 $20 20,000
White water rafting $50 $50 50,000
Sport fishing $50 $50 50,000


  1. Safari Cost of accommodation

Fortunately there are a number of different accommodation facilities found in and around the park and these differ in quality of services and utilities offered including luxury facilities, mid-range facilities as well as budget facilities.

The average cost of luxury accommodations such as Paraa Safari Lodge, Chobe Safari Lodge or Nile Safari Lodge is $ 500

The average cost of mid-range accommodation such as Bwana Tembo Lodge, or Murchison River Lodge is $ 350

The average cost of budget accommodation such as Fort Murchison, or Red Chilli Tented Camp is $ 200

There are also a number of campsites where you can pitch your ordinary tent as well as dormitory accommodation offered by the Uganda Wildlife Authority that cost UGX 25,000 for adults and UGX 5,000 for students; these are good accommodation options for budget travelers enjoying Uganda safari tour destinations.

  1. Park Entrance fees

For anyone entering the park will be required to pay park entrance fees per head and these differ for adults and children. There are also fees levied on the vehicles entering the park as well as for the ferry cross as highlighted in the table below

Activities Foreign Non-Residents (USD) Foreign Residents (USD) East African Community (UGX)
Park entrance fees Adults $40 $30 20,000
Children $20 $10 5,000
Student groups 3,000
University / tertiary institutions 5,000
4 WD Safari vehicle $15 20,000
School Buses $25 40,000
Ferry Crossing per head UGX 5,000 UGX 5,000 5,000


  1. Time you visit

Similar to most safari destinations in the different countries in Africa, the cost of your safari will also depend on the seasonality in which you travel. Although Murchison Falls National Park can be visited all year the round, the peak tourist season is during the dry season when the number of tourists in the park is high which results into higher demand on accommodation resulting into higher accommodation rates that increase the overall cost of the safari. However, during the wet season which is the off peak tourist season,  the number of holidaymakers visiting the park is less which results in a number of accommodations offering discounted rates that will generally reduce the overall cost of safari. In fact, this is the best time to enjoy a budget Uganda Safari especially for those traveling on a limited budget

  1. Means of Transport Used

The Murchison Falls National Park can be accessed by either road or air transport as it is located 305 km from Kampala the capital city. By road it may take about 5 hours drive in a Four Wheel Driver Safari Land cruiser so you will have to incur the cost car hire which is about $250 – $300 per day, cost of fuel and then driver fee.  However, for those who may not want to experience the long drive can take a charter flights to Pakuba airstrip from Entebbe.


In conclusion, having analyzed the above factors and how they will affect the cost of your safari, we are confident this will help you plan appropriately for your visit in this park depending on your budget.