Rabongo and Kaniyo Pabidi Forests

The Kaniyo Pabidi forest extends over an expanse of approximately 8 km within the middle of Kichumbanyobo gate. Its presents all guests an opportunity to track the impressive chimpanzee in addition to other species of primates which can be found within the mahogany trees there. It is a habitant for quite a number of species of birds such as the yellow-footed flycatcher, the Ituri batis in addition to the white thitghed hornbill. A number of tourists enjoy taking nature walks within these forests, although Rabongo forest presents the finest experiences the best.

pabidi forest


The Buligi region is as well recognized among the major game viewing safari Uganda areas. The Savannah grasslands offer a perfect place to enjoy this African wilderness in addition to the attractive sights of the great East African rift valley on top of Lake Albert just overlooking the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some the activities to enjoy are the thrilling game drive conducted from Paraa rewarding you with splendid sights of the delta going for approximately three to four hours drive. Viewing the game will certainly be very favorable if done in the morning or in the late afternoons. Your safari guide will offer all the necessary information regarding the park as well as the forest. All the way through this, visitors will have a very memorable experience while on the game drive.

The Nile offers shelters to a huge number of hippopotami as well as crocodiles, in addition to a wide variety of aquatic bird species like the uncommon yet highly sought after shoebill stork


The Kaniyo Pabidi forest is a good-looking natural forest covered majorly by huge mahogany trees plus ironwood trees. Within this forest, Chimpanzees may be tracked from the Kaniyo Pabidi tourism site that is managed by the Jane Goodall Institute. The Birdlife within this area is very plentiful with a diversity of species among which are; Puvel’s Illaposis (found in no other place throughout the whole of  East Africa) the Chocolate Backed Kingfisher in addition to the White thighed Hornbill.

However the Rabongo Forest stands as an island covered by tropical river-forest with in a sea of stunning grassland in the southeastern part of the conservation area, it is only one and a half hours drive from Paraa Safari lodge. The verdant forest may be explored not just in safari vehicles but on foot as well and that way you will have an opportunity to set out in search of these very impressive giants occasional chimpanzees (who are the closest relatives to human among mammals and share about 98 percent of their DNA structure with humans), in addition to other primate species like the baboons, Black and white Colobus monkeys in addition to the red tailed monkeys. You can also choose to picnic or even camp by the shores of the stunning river Wairingo. This area is in addition perfect for teams of students. It offers a diversity of bird species, trees in addition to medicinal plants which are all worth exploring.