Hot Air Balloon Murchison Falls Uganda

Balloon safaris in Uganda are a recently introduced tourist activity by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in the Murchison Falls National Park and today are increasingly becoming popular. Hot air ballooning can only be found at the Murchison Falls National Park and the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda and are handled by the Dream Balloons who were registered and certified fully in 2011 by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, the National Environment Management Authority, the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Communications Commission before they could to run this particular activity in Uganda’s National Parks.

balloon safari uganda

The Size and Restrictions for the Hot Air Balloon Safari


Its pilots also have to go through the Ugandan and Egyptian Aviation Authorities for certification before they are accepted to operate these balloons. Something to note about these balloons is that its size does not matter mainly because the more it is filled up with air, the more the weight it can carry. However for now only 8 passengers are permitted to fly up in the balloon. The age limit for a Hot Air Balloon safari in Uganda is a minimum of six (6) years considering that the flight takes you to a height of 10,000 feet above sea level which might make younger children quiet uneasy.


While on a trip to Murchison Falls, then Hot air ballooning is one of the things you should not miss out on.  The Murchison Falls National Park is said to be the largest protected area that has so much to see when it comes to nature and all that which is around it, that’s to say the great diversity of wildlife, the powerful waterfalls and not forgetting the famous River Nile.

The Hot Air Balloon Experience

You are taken to the launch site for the hot air balloons somewhere near the Paraa safari Lodge which is the Wildlife side of the park at around 5:00am. While here, you will be able to watch the assembling team do last minute preparations like pumping air into the balloon before you could soar high at day break. You will be given a briefing on the safety precautions, rules and regulations as you get ready to hop aboard the balloon. Once aboard, the pilot will launch for set off and the blowing wind will help the balloon rise to several feet off the ground and soar above the treetops. This will give you an aerial view of the Savannah below teaming with all kinds of wildlife, including large numbers of animals that crowd the Banks of the great Nile. At the end of this amazing hot air balloon tour, that normally takes about 1 hour, you are handed certificates that confirm your participation in this activity and then later, you finish off with a special bush breakfast and a bottle of Champagne all organized and provided by the commis chefs from the Paraa Lodge.  From there, you will carry on with your morning with a game drive around the park and then return to your place of accommodation. There is also a sunset balloon flight that starts exactly at 4pm however; this one does not come with any special offers like the bush meals after the ride.

Who should take a hot air balloon safari?

Hot air ballooning is a kind of activity perfect for those on honeymoon, adrenaline junkies and those seeking for a once in a lifetime adventure. The scenery up there is spectacular and the feeling of the fresh air blow in face and air is very sensational. This remarkable experience will reward you with thousands of memories for you to reminisce every time you think about your Safari in Uganda.

Why take a Hot Air Balloon Safari in Uganda

Hot Air Ballooning at the Murchison Falls National Park will reward you with the following views: the general scenic view of the Murchison Falls National Park, views of the Off-road animals hidden away, Lake Albert and Victoria Nile; and then other remarkable features like: the bush breakfast experience in the wild, pickups from your accommodation, reward of participation certificates, crossings by ferry and the ride on the hot air balloon that lasts an hour among many others.

balloon safari uganda

Cost of a Hot Air Balloon Safari in Uganda

Today, the price of a hot air balloon safari experience is $380 per person, while children of 12 years and below receive a 50% discount of this price which is $190. This rate includes the flight in balloon, a balloon certificate and refreshments before and after this ride.

What to Pack for Hot Air Balloon Safari?

You are advised to cover-up in thick layers since the activity begins early morning however beneath you should wear something comfortable especially as the African wilderness warms up with the rising sun. a pair of strong closed shoes is best recommended since you will have  to walk THOUGH grassy trails at the landing site before boarding the balloon. a par sunglasses together with a wide-brimmed hat with straps plus a camera and binoculars are all worth packing.


Day 1: Arrival, Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park

You are picked up from the airport and then transferred to the Murchison Falls National Park. you will have a couple of optional activities to engage in such as tracking rhinos on foot at the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary as well as making a few stopovers to buy souvenirs before finally arriving at your accommodation with the park where you will spend the overnight.

Accommodation: Paara Safari Lodge, or Murchison River Lodge or the Red Chili Rest Camp.

Day 2: Balloon Ride, Game Drive or Launch Cruise on the Nile

Wake up early in the morning for your hot air balloon ride and thereafter enjoy a delicious bush breakfast in the wild. Later on you can opt for a game drive around the park and or enjoy the afternoon launch cruise to the bottom of the Murchison Falls.

Accommodation: Paara Safari Lodge, or Murchison River Lodge or the Red Chili Rest Camp.

Day 3: Departure

You are transferred back to Kampala and then proceed to the Entebbe International Airport to catch your departure flight.