Game Drives, Murchison Falls Uganda

Game drives in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls is a home to different wildlife species; over 76 mammal and 451 bird species including the Buffaloes, Jackson hartebeests, Antelopes, Lions, Kobs, Giraffes, Hyenas, Bushbucks, and Warthogs among others. They are widely spread all over the Savannah grasslands, grazing or hunting for prey. This makes the park’s landscape so amazing for game viewing/game driving.

Murchison Falls National Park is positioned in the Northwestern part of Uganda and covers an area of 3,840sq km, about 5-6hours drive from Kampala. It is the country’s oldest and largest national park and hence you can spot the Big 4, leaving out the Rhinos got extinct by 1983; good news is that they were re-introduced in Ziwa Rhino sanctuary by 2005. The park is also bisected by the renowned River Nile into two parts such as the Northern bank and the Southern bank and Game drives are best done the Northern bank since that’s where you can find a large concentration of wildlife in the Savannah plains whereas the Southern bank a lesser number of antelope herds and other few animals.

There is nothing as thrilling as watching predators such as lions make moves on their prey, it’s an amazing experience since most antelopes are hunted down and killed without noticing. All this is best observed during the dry season where the grass is short so game viewing is at its best. Game drives are an all year round activity though during the rainy season the grass is a bit tall hence give challenge especially during game viewing since some animals might be missed out.



There are different tracks followed while on a game drive such as; Albert, Victoria and Buligi tracks. Taking all these tracks while on the game drive gives you a totally different experience since each is endowed with various eco-systems. The Buligi is a 7km track north of Paraa and is among the most commonly used tracks for game viewing. Also areas like Nyamsika gorge is home to a big number of water animals which come to get water and Nyamsika cliffs have a higher concentration of buffaloes, lions as well as different birds like the Egyptian plover and the bee-eaters.



Time for game drive

There is room for morning and evening game drives in the park. However game viewing can best be done in the morning from 6:30 am, and if at all you slept in a lodge at the southern bank, you are required to cross the river at the ferry at around 7:00am.

There is also another choice of going for an evening game drive that starts around 4:00pm local time and takes between 3 to 4hours.

All these Uganda safaris game drives can be done only on the Northern bank which is covered with savannah; hence tourists can view game very well. For a thorough game drive within the park approximately 5 hours can be enough.

uganda elephant



Different vehicles can be used, comfortable, spacious with a pop-up roof in order to view well wildlife and take clear photos. A 4X4 vehicle is advised; this can be a Van, small or an extended land cruiser. Also other cars can be used such as coasters for bigger groups, saloon cars among others. In the park one can do a self-drive though it’s important to have an armed park ranger guide with you. In addition, park rules are to be followed during game drives.

Game drives in Murchison falls national park live you with an unforgettable memories even when you are back home!


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