Boomu Cultural Village Experience


Boomu- An African Village Experience near Murchison Falls National Park in the Pearl of Africa

At Boomu you experience and get to know how it feels to be in an African village setting near Murchison falls in Kigaragara Village. To have this to the fullest one can either have an overnight stay in traditional Bandas or spend a day on a village visit with the Boomu women’s group; in this you learn how people in the rural areas of Uganda live.

Boomu Women’s Group

This Women’s group was formed in 1999 aiming at reducing malnutrition and poverty levels and enabling children go to school through the incomes received by the members. During the 90’s the subsistence farmers in villages like Kigaragara and Kihaguzi had remained with little to receive from the group since the land was dry and little to sell also. They started with making crafts, but of late what seemed small those days has greatly improved and into now a tourism community project with amazing village guided visits, gardens, a restaurant, and traditionally made accommodation.

boomu culture

The word “Boomu” means “together” so while here you get a chance to see people work together:  it started as a women’s group but there are also men involved. This community provides one of the best cultural experiences while in Murchison falls. Because of this, it has attracted very many tourists from Europe and other countries to come and take part in activities carried out in this place such as; seeing how herbal medicine, craft making, cultivation, home stays, locally cooking food and preparing it, cultural performances like music and dances among others. It leaves one with an unforgettable experience of an African village culture.

The village still carries authenticity of an African touch whereby there is no running water, no hydro-electricity or solar lighting. Food is got from the garden direct on the stove (locally made) and to your plate, nothing like refrigeration; all foodstuff is so fresh. People in the village eat with their hands whereby you wash them before and after eating but tourists are given forks if that is their choice.

Ugandan meals are served though if one is in need of the western food; it can also be prepared including that of the Vegetarians. Also remember to say “thanks for cooking’ that is if you are served food in this community. There is nothing as thrilling as taking a cold open air shower while in this village though those in for hot water can get it but supplied in a Jerry can.

There are no worries of where to stay especially for those who want an overnight stay. There are African Bandas with fresh ambience as you are encircled with flowers, shrubs, trees, and sweet sounds of birds in the trees; basically accommodation is calm and relaxing. A tourist that needs to experience an overnight in a real African hut, can also enjoy his stay in a hut traditionally made with mud, there is also campfire made at night where you can sit around the fire and listen to stories from the elders about African customs and history.

If one visits and is to have an overnight stay, there is great opportunity of participating in all activities and also leave with knowledge about how to dig, making baskets, and in fact you can support the community by buying souvenirs that are made there.

Visit Kigaragara vilage/Boomu today and have your self a Boomu cultural experience-the true African touch of culture not read in books or internet but firsthand in the Village!


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