Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo Forest

Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo Forest

Tracking Chimpanzees is a thrilling experience where one gets to meet his/her closest cousins have 98% DNA close to that of human beings. Chimpanzees are tracked in different areas in Uganda and Budongo forest is among the best chimpanzee habitats in Uganda with 600 individuals and about 100 are habituated for tracking at Kaniyo Pabidi. In fact only habituated groups of chimpanzees can be tracked in Budongo forest. It is the largest natural mahogany forest in East Africa covering an area of 825 sq km, located in the northwest of Kampala.

It takes 3 hours to drive to the home of chimps. It is home to over 95 mammals and 360 bird species and various activities are done here but majorly Chimpanzee tracking. This activity is mainly done at Kaniyo Pabidi which borders Murchison Falls at the southern edge hence about a 30 minute drive from Kichumbanyobo gate and is directed by Jane Goodall Institute together with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

There are two sessions to track Chimps in a day; morning and afternoon and tracking starts at 7:00 am where the trackers meet at the information center then briefed and led by skilled ranger guide to search for the mighty giants in the forest. Chimps in Budongo can also be tracked by a person on a tour from or to Murchison falls in fact it can be done as an add-on on the itinerary and the person has to be in good health with no cough, flu or any disease that can be transmitted to the Chimps.

When to visit

Chimpanzees in Budongo forest can be tracked any time of the year though the best time to visit would be from May to August where the chance of viewing chimps is at 90%. In months; February, March, April, September and early October the chances are at 70%.

When it comes to months of Late October, November, December, and January chances are at 50% and hence viewing chimpanzees is difficult since trackers have to move long distances to find them. The reason is during that time there is scarcity of food, shelter and may be water in the nearest places; therefore they move to further areas to look for food.

For one who is interested in having a one day visit to Budongo forest, it can also be organized;


1 day Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest

After breakfast, you will have a pick up from your driver guide who will brief you before you set off for a 4 hours drive from Kampala city to Budongo forest at 0600 hours. You will have amazing sights along the way as you drive through the countryside; take as many photos as you want.

Later arrive at Budongo forest at Kaniyo Pabidi and enjoy your lunch as you prepare to have an afternoon Chimpanzee tracking session. It is an amazing time while you walk through the forest to track Chimps; apart from chimps you will also see other things like birds, baboons, monkeys, big mahogany trees among others.

After chimpanzee tracking, travel back to Kampala arriving in the evening around 1900 hours. It seems a tiring day but it is worth it as you will have an amazing unforgettable experience.

Note: For those interested in having an overnight while in the forest it is also available since the lodging facilities are comfortable, skilled stuff, security and tasty food. Also those who also want to have an add-on to wildlife safari to Murchison Falls National Park, there are packages available!


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